We develop and build unique properties and workspaces for companies that build interest and cultivate community.

Gather Co. was founded by Kelly Pope in 1998, as a progressive real estate development company that builds spaces, cultivates innovation, and supports it's entrepreneurs. The company is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta with direct hands-on experience in the acquisition, renovation, financing, operation and marketing of commercial and residential real estate.

During its 20-year history, Gather Co has developed projects across all asset types and distinguished itself by focusing on a high-level of support for it's tenants and providing unique spaces that build interest and cultivate community. We plan, build, and manage our properties with the goal of providing our tenants with more than just a roof over their heads.


Kelly Pope


Kelly has focused on Downtown Real Estate for over 20 years.  He has played a significant role in transforming many of Edmonton's historic buildings and moving the downtown core forward.


Devin Pope


Devin has worked alongside his father Kelly, since childhood.  His fathers enthusiasm towards reshaping Edmonton's downtown, has become their shared passion.  Together they strive on making Edmonton’s downtown core something special.


David Ton-lai

Community Manager

David has been working with the Gather Co. for one year, as the in-house community manager.  He helps oversee and nurture the vibrant atmosphere and inspiring environment that the Gather Co. is known for.

Startup Edmonton, Mercer Warehouse

Startup Edmonton, Mercer Warehouse

Gather invests in big dreamers and community builders.